How to Hire an Excavation Company

hiring an excavating company

New construction is always exciting, but it can also be equally stressful. There are many decisions you have to make even before the building process starts, one of them being which excavation company to hire. Hiring a wrong company to tackle your complex excavation project can be a costly mistake. The company may make some inconvenient and disastrous errors that may bring about unwanted expenses and cause serious stress.

Here are some time-tested tips for hiring the best excavation company.

Get Recommendations

One of the best ways to find the most reliable company for your project is asking for suggestions from people who’ve had similar jobs completed. Talk to friends, neighbors, family members, real estate agents and anyone else who may have recently hired an excavation contractor.

A quick online search will also help you get local excavating contractors. Check out the work they’ve showcased on their websites and their customer reviews. These will give you a good idea of what you can expect from them. You can even go a step further and talk to some of their previous customers to find out more about the companies. Some of the key questions you should ask are:

  • Did the company successfully complete your project?
  • Were they able to finish the project on time and within budget?
  • Did they do the job with high-quality instruments and materials?
  • Would you rehire them in the future or recommend them to someone else?

Verify Contractor Licensing

Excavation contractors are required to hold proper licenses to use certain excavation and construction equipment. Make sure potential contractors have all the necessary permits, licenses, and types of training to ensure your project is done effectively and avoid any legal issues arising. Ask for proof of licensing and permits before you start doing business with the company you choose.

Look for the Best Level of Experience

The worst thing you can do is hiring a total novice. Make sure the company you hire has adequate experience to handle your project correctly and efficiently.

Some jobs require excavation companies to collaborate with different professionals. So it’s beneficial to hire a company that has experience in working with other professionals as well.

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