What You Need to Know About New Home Excavating

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Before you have your new home built, you should be fully aware of that very important first step which precedes the laying of your home’s foundation – the excavation of the area beneath the new home. After all, your future will literally be built from the ground up on that foundation, and that is true in more than just the figurative sense. Therefore, it is imperative that the work be done by an experienced and highly knowledgeable excavating company in the Bay Area.

What’s involved with excavating the foundation for a home?

It’s vital to have an understanding of the soil conditions where excavation will take place, so that you can prepare for any steps which might be necessary. For instance if the ground were to be soft and marshy, or too rich with loam, excavation would be difficult. Such soft ground might require the dig to go a little deeper, so that harder ground could be reached, providing a firmer foundation. If the ground were to shift after the home is built, it could cause serious and costly damages to the structure.

If the ground at your construction site is routinely wet, the excavation crew would be well advised to install a pump that can evacuate any standing water in the dig hole, so it won’t be necessary to work under difficult saturated conditions. Then precise measurements need to be taken, so that the dimensions of the structure to come can be accommodated without difficulty, and so that the angle of declination from the home site to the curb can be known with certainty.

Clearing of the excavation site has to be done professionally, so that topsoil can be preserved for re-application, and so that no nearby properties are damaged in any way. Afterward, it will be necessary to grade and landscape the construction site, in order to blend in nicely with other community residences. Throughout it all, safety must be a prime concern for any crew working at the construction site, because the last thing you want is a serious injury to occur during the drilling and excavating for your new home.

For Bay Area excavation work call the excavating pros

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