Foundations: Building a Strong Base for Your Building

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The long-term structural stability of any building depends on having a well-built foundation in place. In a region subject to earthquakes, it is especially important for a highly reputable Bay Area excavating company to set the stage for that strong foundation. It is easy to build something passable, but it takes a well managed, well supervised and well executed excavation to build a foundation that will stand the test of time.

How to Build a Strong Foundation

Prepare the site

Prior to any construction or excavation, the on-site team must clear the site of rocks, trees, concrete, walls, roots and other debris from the area which would act as an obstacle to further development. Care must also be taken to retain or relocate features of the property like trees, boulders, trellises etc. If the site has hills or mounds, these would need to be leveled as part of the excavating process.


The first step in the excavation process is to set out the dimensions of the foundation with wooden pegs, so as to clearly identify the excavation parameters. Establishing a complete picture of how the site will be excavated before the first shovel hits dirt is critical. When all dimensions have been accurately laid out, the heavy equipment necessary for excavation can be brought in to do the digging, and to remove the unneeded soil from the site.

Pier Drilling

We talk about pier drilling in more detail in other blogs (link to previous blog), but if piers need to be drilled, they are installed in concert with the excavation process.

Pouring the concrete

Once the marked-out area has been completely excavated, the concrete for the foundation can be poured. Depending on weather conditions, and the exact mixture of concrete used, it will take somewhere between three and ten days for the concrete to set properly. Once this solid foundation has been established, all other steps in the construction process may proceed.

The Best Bay Area Foundation Sub-Contractor

A big part of getting the foundation right is starting out with a highly reputable and knowledgeable Bay Area excavation and drilling company, such as Lassiter Excavating, Inc. A family owned and operated business since 1989, we have provided outstanding expert service to thousands of Bay Area residents and businesses since being founded. Call Lassiter Excavating today at (925) 449-3112 for your free estimate of any excavation work you need done in the Bay Area.