Everything You Need to Know About Excavating

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Before any major construction project can truly be underway, the first step must be implemented: excavation. If you want to have a pool built on your property or a room addition to your home, you will require the services of a Bay Area excavation company. To gain a clearer understanding of why this service is necessary for your project, use the following information as an excavation guide and overview.

Excavation in a nut-shell

What Is Excavating?

Excavation includes site preparation, grading, and digging trenches. Rock, soil, and debris are removed from a construction or demolition site. The term is also used to describe other tasks related to managing the soil at a construction or demolition site. Heavy equipment such as bulldozers and backhoes are often used to perform these tasks.

What Happens First?

The first phase of excavation involves preparing a site for the process. Essentially this is an assessment phase. The crew and a supervisor will examine the area to be excavated, determine the boundaries, and establish a plan of action. Site preparation is an important aspect of excavation. It serves as the basis by which the remaining phases will be executed.

Various Kinds of Excavation

Excavation can be performed in a broad range of ways. The kind of excavating done for your project will depend on the project itself. Often times you will need to have soil and rocks removed. Your project could also require trenches, or the use of powerful suction tubes to perform Vacuum excavation. When you hire a reputable Bay Area foundation drilling and grading company, you can rest assured the right excavation methods will be accomplished efficiently and in the most cost saving manner possible.


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