The Benefits of Caisson Drilling

An expert Bay Area foundation drilling company explains the benefits of caisson drilling in building a solid foundation.

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The most critical part of constructing any structure is building a solid and reliable foundation. Without a stable foundation, any structure can experience cracks, water leaks, and other compromising and deteriorating events. For smaller structures, a foundation can be constructed by digging or trenching. For larger structures with significantly heavier loads to bear, a strong foundation may need to be constructed using drilling. That will require the experience of a professional Bay Area foundation drilling company.

What is Caisson Drilling?

Caissons, also referred to as bored piles, drilled shafts, or drilled piers, are created by drilling a hole deep into the ground. Reinforcing steel is placed into the drilled shaft and the hole is then filled with concrete. Generally, “bored piles” are constructed in diameters of 24 inches or less, and “drilled piers” are of larger diameter, typically varying from greater than 24 inches up to 144 inches. Caissons or drilled piers strongly anchor a structure to bedrock (or a sufficiently strong base layer) to secure the structure from vertical movement and fully support the weight of the building above. This type of foundation provides safety, longevity, and structural integrity for large structures.

What are the Benefits of Caisson Drilling?

An experienced Bay Area pier drilling company offers these caisson drilling benefits:

  • This process is adaptable to varying locations, soil, and site conditions. That includes varying underground water conditions.
  • Strength and load capacity. This process offers high axial and lateral load-bearing capacity.
  • Caissons can reach great depths.
  • Environment-friendly. This process is accomplished with less noise and smaller vibrations compared to some other large foundation installation processes.
  • This process is economical and cost-effective. It is more affordable than laying down an enormous pad foundation and it minimizes the need for pile caps.

The process does require a caisson company in the Bay Area that is experienced with this foundation method. It allows constructing larger diameter piles than other piling methods and allows construction through especially dense or hard strata.

How Is Caisson Drilling Accomplished?

A professional Bay Area foundation drilling company accomplishes the work using this process:

  1. A drill or auger is attached to a shaft and rotated under hydraulic pressure to dig into the soil. Soil is raised above the ground and emptied from the hole. If a casing is needed to shore up the walls of the hole, it is inserted into the hole.
  2. After the hole has been excavated, the shaft is dewatered and then the bottom is cleaned. If a casing has been used, it is removed.
  3. Reinforcing steel is inserted into the hole.
  4. Concrete is poured into the hole.

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