Pier Drilling Can Shore up a Sagging Foundation

All building foundations will settle with time, but problems arise when this settlement is uneven or extreme. Sometimes requiring pier drilling or helicals.

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Are you wondering if you have foundation issues with any property that you own? All building foundations will settle with time, but problems arise when this settlement is uneven or extreme.

Hairline cracks are a common result of normal foundation settlement. However, if large cracks appear suddenly or expand beyond hairline over  time, you may have a foundation problem that needs attention. If a crack is wider than an eighth of an inch you certainly should have your foundation
inspected. Here are common signs of foundation problems:

Exterior Signs

  • Wall rotation away from level
  • Separation around garage door, windows and/or walls
  • Cracked bricks in walls, patios or chimneys

Interior Signs

  • Doors or windows shifting out of alignment, sticking or jamming when moved
  • Cracked walls or floors beyond hairline
  • Uneven floors

If you suspect foundation problems, have a foundation repair company or structural engineer do a professional foundation inspection.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

For the vast majority of foundation issues, varying water concentration in the soil is the cause. Variations in moisture make the soil swell or shrink, leading to uneven movement beneath your foundation. In the Bay Area, we have rotating wet and dry seasons that can amplify shifts in soil water content. Also, soils highest in clay content are generally more susceptible to variations in water content. Finally, in our earthquake-prone region, past quakes could have caused damage that went unnoticed at the time, but has worsened with subsequent soil movement.

Helical Piers Can Shore Up the Foundation

Helical piers, also known as helical anchors, piles or screwpiles, are deep foundation solutions used to secure new or repair existing foundations. They don’t require extensive excavation work, which minimizes installation time, causes little soil disturbance, and transfers the weight of the structure to deeper, load- bearing soil.

Helical Piers and Piles are needed for numerous residential and commercial applications to stabilize the foundation and may be used when the job specifies caissons, driven piles or mini piles. Lassiter Excavating specializes in pier drilling for new and old foundations to stabilize structures. We have been serving contractors and property owners in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1989, with employees who have been with us an average of 15 years. Call us at (925) 499-3112 for advice and help with drilling and excavating projects.