Landslide Preparation Tips

There are things you can do to prepare for a landslide. This article goes over how to prepare and protect your property.

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Be Prepared for Mother Nature

Landslide. Not a pretty word. However, California is susceptible to annual landslides. Landslides take place when masses of earth, rock, or debris give way to gravity and move down a slope. These include shallow landslides that may grow into dangerous debris flows and larger landslides that can destroy cliffs and move entire buildings off a foundation and down a slope. When landslides occur, it is time to call a professional Bay Area landslide repair service.

What Causes Landslides?

Landslides are most often caused when heavy precipitation upsets soil stability. Earthquakes, to a much less frequent extent, also result in soil shifts. When the ground is heavily saturated with moisture, typically occurring after the winter storms in November and December, landslides are stimulated on the area’s slopes.

Areas more likely to experience landslides include:

  • Areas where landslides have occurred before.
  • Areas where wildfires have destroyed protective vegetation.
  • Areas where human modification of the land has made it susceptible to water flows.
  • Steep slopes and slopes that have been modified for the construction of roads or buildings.
  • Areas where surface water runoff is directed.

In all these areas, an experienced Bay Area trenching service can help direct the water flow to prevent landslides.

Steps to Take to Prepare for and Prevent Landslides

Preparing for and preventing landslides can be accomplished by:

  • Planting native plants and trees on sloped land to retain the soil from eroding. The root systems of the plants and trees will help hold the soil together.
  • Using extensive ground cover to protect and hold the soil together.
  • Diverting the water flow. This can be accomplished by trenching to redirect the path of the water.
  • Building a terrace (or terraces) to interrupt the slope and flatten-out sections.
  • Building a retaining wall, including utilizing draining material behind the wall to hold the soil from being washed away.

Reasons to Build a Retaining Wall

A Bay Area retaining wall drilling company is highly qualified to help prepare for a retaining wall that will:

  • Prevent soil erosion that leads to landslides and mudslides.
  • Create a barrier that protects against flooding by preventing dangerous pooling of water and redirecting water flow.
  • Prevent and limit damage to neighboring properties.
  • Make more usable space on a property.
  • Add beauty to a property.
  • Save money by preventing property damage.

How is a Retaining Wall Constructed?

These steps are typically taken to construct a retaining wall:

  1. Plan the location for the right slope and flow protection.
  2. Have a Bay Area trenching company dig a trench and level the ground.
  3. Lay the base.
  4. Lay the first course of blocks or stone.
  5. Lay additional courses of blocks or stone.
  6. Install drain piping.
  7. Backfill the wall.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Retaining Wall Drilling Company

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