Bay Area Landslide Repair is Now a Priority

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Residential Landslide Repair Solutions

This year’s harsh Winter has presented a number of problems for California homeowners. An influx of rain may be good for the environment, but unprepared houses and foundations could find themselves falling victim to landslides, an increasingly common issue as of late. Read on to find out if your property is at risk, what preventative measures you can take, and what you should do if a landslide has already occurred in your area. 

Common At-Risk Areas

The most common areas for landslides to occur are on heavily sloped pieces of property, especially if landscaping has been done on the land within the last year or so. While slight gradients may see some effects from heavy rainfall, homes built on or near steeper slopes may find themselves in trouble as the land continues to shift. This does not mean that a home on flatter ground cannot see foundation issues from increased rainfall and also be susceptible to landslides, but a Bay Area foundation repair specialist may be required to properly diagnose these issues. 

Slope Repair Solutions

Preventative slope repair work is often needed in the Bay Area. Slopes that are not properly secured can cause permanent damage to the home and injury to the residents. Services such as Bay Area landslide repairs often focus on protecting your property through the use of retaining walls and increased structural support. Stabilizing the property can often expand the usable living space, so this method is quite favorable for many homes that could be situated on sloped inclines. However, if your slope is garden or yard space, retaining walls and concrete reinforcement is often your best solution. These stabilize the soil and lock everything in place, combatting the effects of heavy rain and mud flow. 

Landslide Repair Process

Maintaining a healthy foundation is the cornerstone of maintaining your entire home investment. If a portion of your home has suffered from the effects of a landslide, a drainage system may be in order. This will help corral the water away from the vital points on your foundation and provide invaluable protection for hillside properties. After installing a hillside repair solution from a Sacramento retaining wall drilling company, it’s important to ensure that your property is equipped with the right drainage system. A proper soil grading service will ensure that the water is being properly redirected off of your property so that it cannot collect and interfere with the soil or the home.

Lassiter Excavating For Bay Area Landslide Repair

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