Backyard Transformations for Aging in Place

Age in Place with backyard transformation

Aging in place is popular in Northern California. Rather than selling their homes and downsizing, many Bay Area residents renovate their homes to accommodate the changes in their lifestyle. Retirees, and empty-nesters who are still working, decide staying put keeps them close to family, friends and activities they already know and enjoy.

With the decision made, it’s only natural to want to do whatever renovations might be appropriate for aging in place, to help you stay in your home well into retirement. This article will review some of those.

Backyard transformations to Age in Place

As you get older, you may enjoy tending a garden but you probably won’t want to maintain a packed schedule where you’re doing tons of yard work or other exterior projects. You may also want to travel, which takes you away from the home for extended periods. Low-maintenance landscaping is a good idea for active seniors, because it reduces the amount of attention (and physical exertion) necessary to keep your home attractive. Plants like sedge, burning bush, and creeping juniper are ideal, because they require little upkeep, and still look very appealing.

As part of your backyard transformation, a landscape change may be of value. You might want to consider having a composite-based deck installed, as opposed to one made of wood. A wooden deck will require periodic weatherproofing, and that’s a major project! A paver stone patio could also offer a low-maintenance upgrade.

Installing some good lighting outside will make it safer to be in the yard after dark, and it will also deter intruders. If you have any steps installed in the backyard, you may want to substitute ‘minimizing steps’ that require less climbing, or you may want to replace them entirely with more friendly ramps which you can simply walk up.

Removing your pool

If you’re a Northern California homeowner who has always had a pool, you should consider pool removal as you move into retirement. You probably aren’t getting as many visits as you once did from younger members of the family, and if you aren’t a swimmer yourself there isn’t nearly as much justification for keeping it in place. It can also be extremely expensive to keep a pool, since the pump alone can cost $150 per month to operate, and that’s nearly $2,000 in annual costs. That pays for a nice annual trip!

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