Ensure Great Drainage in New Landscaping

Managing drainage on your Bay Area property can be a challenge. The reason why funneling water away from your is to prevent structural failure.

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Ensuring Great Drainage

Managing drainage on your Bay Area property can be a challenge. The reason why funneling water away from your home or business is so important, is to prevent structural failure. When groundwater collects around buildings and is not drained away, over time, the water percolates into the ground softening it. When that happens, the soils load bearing capacity can be reduced to the point it allows your home or office foundation to settle. There are a number of ways that you can incorporate good drainage around your property.

Pools and general landscaping

Many homeowners run into the issue of drainage and proper water flow when they’re installing a new pool, or when they’re doing a complete landscaping job around their home. The best approach would be making drainage a separate part of the building planning process. Establish which contractors will be responsible for property drainage and have that contractor draw up a drainage plan. At Lassiter Excavating Inc. we do this for our customers all the time. We can determine how level or un-level your property may be, If there are any potential areas for water collection, and will also indicate the best method of installing good drainage.

Common drainage issues

One of the most common issues associated with poor drainage is when there’s no fall away from you building. This will generally cause standing water in various locations. This is a major issue which cannot be solved by spot solutions, and instead requires a general grading of the area, and or a system of underground pipes to conduct water away.

When you have a high water table in your area, for instance a table which is only a few inches below the surface level, any hard rain will instantly lead to standing water and some severe drainage issues. In such cases, one of your best options would be to install a below grade drainage system.

Draining issues in your backyard?

Water flow management in the Bay Area can be a serious issue, and it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. If you have any need for excavating, trenching, erosion prevention, or general, call us at Lassiter Excavating Inc. We are experts in these areas, and we can work with you to create a drainage system that will protect your property for years to come.