The Advantages of Using Foundation Piers

The importance of having a strong and stable foundation cannot be overstated. Learn more about foundation piers in the Bay Area and why they are so important.

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Here’s Some Advantages of Foundation Piers Bay Area

The value and importance of having a strong and stable foundation probably cannot be overstated. As legendary basketball coach John Wooden said simply, “Any structure must have a strong foundation.” American singer David Allen Coe observed, “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” An expert that installs foundation piers in the Bay Area can be “just the ticket” to accomplish that strong and lasting foundation.

What are Foundation Piers?

A pier foundation consists of vertical cylindrical columns that are used to support a large load to the strata below. There are two common types of foundation piers: push piers and helical piers.

  • Push piers are columns of galvanized/coated steel pipe. They are driven deep into the soil using a hydraulic ram.
  • Helical piers are columns that are screwed into the ground using a hydraulic torque motor.

Both these types of piers can be installed further into the ground than the existing foundation using excavation and drilling processes.

Foundation piers are used in such situations as:

  • When decomposed rocks are present in the top strata, with an adequate layer of sound rock below.
  • When stiff clays offer significant resistance to bearing piles.
  • When a structure needs to be built on a slope.
  • When a heavy load-bearing structure needs stronger support.

In all these cases, a solid foundation can be installed by an expert Bay Area drilling company.

The Advantages of Using Foundation Piers

Foundation piers have these advantages versus traditional foundation approaches:

  1. Foundation piers result in stable and durable structures that provide longer foundation life.
  2. Repairing and shoring-up a foundation with piers is more practical and less costly than replacing an entire foundation. This process also saves manpower since the installation of piers requires fewer operators and workmen.
  3. The excavation and drilling operations are environmentally friendly. There is little destruction to the construction site and surrounding areas because the piers come in manageable sizes that don’t require heavy equipment during installation. Additionally, after installation, the soil extracted during drilling is put back and flattened into place. This process requires an experienced foundation piers Bay Area company with the right experience and equipment.
  4. The process has great flexibility to address architectural design and load-bearing capacity requirements.

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