5 Steps to a Successful Excavation Project

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Since the excavation part of any construction project comes right at the very beginning, it’s fair to say that literally every successive step depends on the excavation being just right. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced and knowledgeable team handling that first step – a mistake at the very beginning will cause everything else to be thrown off. Here are some guidelines for getting it right the first time.

The 5 Steps for Effective Excavation

Manage erosion

While this may not sound like a critical issue, lack of good stormwater management and erosion control can literally shut a project down at the very first inspection. That’s why it’s necessary to take steps like removing the topsoil layer and implementing a silt fence. Without such precautions, soil could easily wash away the moment a storm hits, causing significant harm to the construction site, and the environment in general.

Observe proper site management

Over the years, construction experts have learned that there is a proper sequence of preparations to be observed when embarking on any major construction project. This involves the creation of needed entrances, fill piles, and access roads for trucks, before actual construction begins. These steps do take time, but if they’re skipped or intentionally overlooked, the eventual delays are likely to be much longer.

Management of utility lines

Before any excavating is done, underground utility lines must be located and identified so they can be avoided when work begins. Water and gas lines, fiber optics, and main sewer lines must all be taken into account, so they aren’t disrupted by the excavation process.

Maximize weather opportunities

Since excavation is at least partly dependent on good weather, every opportunity must be capitalized on when the weather permits operations to proceed. Failure to make the best use of benign weather can result in major setbacks, especially if an extended period of unfavorable weather sets in at a construction site. When the sun is shining, work needs to be progressing.

Maintain communication with project teams

Since other project teams and contractors are always involved with overall construction, they need to be kept informed about any issues at the site, and about general progress. Smooth and timely communications can really be a huge benefit to the successful completion of the project, just as inadequate communications can cause delays and misunderstandings.

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